7-4-04 Second week in Beijing

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Great wallSooo...not sure where I left off.

I think I like China better than Singapore (and I was sad to leave Singapore!).  The food here is soooo good.  Last night for the 4th of July we went to the Hard Rock Cafe and it was horrible (well I thought it was...the food was OK but I've never been a fan of the suburban chain restaurants...AND in CHINA it's a million times worse...).

Anyway Friday we went to the Great Wall!!  We left around 6am and it was sooo foggy (we couldn't see anything)...we got on our little bus and rode to the wall. We were in a more populated area but I took a million
pictures and I'm waiting for them to download onto the site now (they're all fun) so by the end of the email I'll have a link for you!!

We stayed there until 11am or so, then went to some Pearl and Jade factory (stupid-but it's so they can get gas $$ or something- they did this all of the time in Bangkok-tryed to make you go to some shop so they could get $$)...after we went to those factories we went to eat and then the Ming Tombs, followed by the Ming Tomb reservoir which was boring and sad because one of the guys in our group lost his camera AND wallet there (or it was stolen?).

Friday night we went out to some club/bar and I met up with Eli Sweet but for maybe only 10 minutes because he had to leave (and we got there late) -he's only here until sometime this week maybe?  Besides that , we're taking a logistics class and our teacher is so good and nice and hangs out with us.

Great wallMy camera is ok I think for people shots, etc but not for the huge amount of detail that a camera has the potential of having.  I'm not sure that the cameras are super cheap but I think if I have a price in mind...I need help with this...then I can bargain down enough or just not get one.  The Canon's look nice and cute.

Last week we also went to a market that sells a lot of fake gucci and prada etc purses and wallets and everything...they are very persistent (reminds me of Bali)...also we bought dvds from some man behind a restaurant who sold us dvds from a duffle bag and a table and chairs he got from the back of a restaurant.

My bike has it's 3rd flat tire....which is amazing in itself...and now my pictures are uploaded.  I'm going to respond to everyones emails sometime (soon hopefully?!) but it's hard without internet in my room (although that didn't even matter without a charger).  I need a job for fall semester!!  Help me find one!!  Also here's the link...let me know if it doesn't work...I'll email dad or someone an "invitation" to see them just in case.

Great wall:


Last week in Singapore:

Tiananmen Square

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