7-30-04 Final week in Beijing getting ready to go home

Friday, July 30, 2004

Ok so we're leaving tomorrow around 4pm and we have 36 hours of travel time!! SOOO LONG!! I hope all of my stuff fits in my bags (almost done packing I think?). 

We've been trying to do last minute things-exchange DVDS, buy t-shirts, ate some duck, and get peoples pictures.  I printed out about 300 of my digital pictures (MUCH cheaper here then in US).

I'm excited to see y'all at the airport!  It would be good if just y'all came (less pressure to talk to people)..I know Brooke wants to go so you don't have to reject her.  If you want to make fooood.....I would like (haha) either Garlic shrimp (I've been craving it for forever and the closest I had was garlic prawn in Thailand) or honey mustard chicken.

I have NO idea how I'll feel AT ALL so I don't know if I'll do anything for my bday.  I can't imagine having a car, a cell phone, or any of that crap again...because I haven't needed it here - (and I don't want to be addicted to my cell phone again!).

I bought some stuff but not a lot for other people so don't be sad if you don't "get" anything too exciting-I'd
rather buy nothing than buy something that someone won't use (although some of my stuff isn't useful).  ANYway I'll see y'all on Sunday...


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