Thursday, May 27, 2004

June 6, 2004


I just got back from Kuala Lumpur about an hour ago.  That place is so neat!!

We woke up early on Friday (6:45am) and packed and went to the  bus station to leave at 8:30am...there were about 10ish of us on that bus.  Two of the people didn't make it (one of the girls keys didn't work-ours are electric-and they got on the next bus, got to customs and the guy left his passport so they had to go back and then went back and made it to KL-and called every hotel trying to find us and finally did).

We stopped in a couple of places in Malaysia (after going through immigration and customs crap) and finally got to Kuala Lumpur a little over 6 hours later.  The bus station was crazy, hot, dark, and confusing.  We got our hotel rooms, and me and another guy got our bus tickets back (for today) and ate at some random restaurant and ate who  knows what--it's all in Malay so we can't understand (Muslim food-we had something with chicken and onions...I ate as much as I could...onions are still gross though).

We all hung around for a while and then went to some bar/club place for a little while, and came back and hung out.  Ended up that 4 of us were in a king size bed, 2 guys on the floor, and in the other room, 3 guys on "double beds" (a LOT smaller than double beds though) and maybe only 2 on the floor.

Saturday we woke up early and went to the Batu Caves (found a website: http://www.batucavesmalaysia.com/) actually just do an image search on google and you'll see pics (until I send them to y'all...whenever my  computer will work again-it sucks right now).  Funny thing is on the way there all of the electricity in our cab went off and our cab driver pulled over on the side of the highway, got out went to the trunk, and filled up our cab with some gas he had in his trunk (he ran out). 

When I got to the caves I realized that I had seen this before on TV.  They were sooo cool and so neat.  There were all of these monkeys everywhere eating fruit and peanuts (Brooke you should have seen them!) ...and we heard this woman let out this huge scream...and we saw that a monkey stole her bag and was eating all of her fruit out of it..haha.

Then afterwards we went to Central market and we saw this huge lizard dart into the street like a squirrel and turns out it was a Komodo dragon...at the market I bought a skirt (we made one of our friends bargain for us because we're horrible) and I'm so dumb because I brought a short skirt with me to KL and didn't think that it is a MUSLIM country and probably shouldn't wear it (but some people from there said it was OK)..then we walked around Chinatown and there was so much stuff.  I ate a lot of stuff they were selling (sugar cane juice, mango, some dough with peanuts) although you're not really "supposed" to do that ..anyway..  But that was crazy and there were sooo many people there.

We then took naps and went to the KL tower to see the skyline as well of the Petronas Towers (tallest in the world!)-it's a 360 degree view and is so neat (http://www.marimari.com/content/malaysia/best_of/kl_tower/kl_tower.html) we saw it during the daylight and then the sunset and then when it got dark.

We went back to Chinatown for the night market (everything is open late) and I bought some shoes (for 19.90 ringgots (sp?) which is probably $5.  Then we came back and went to sleep...ended up that 4 people slept in the room with the kingsized bed and NINE people slept in the other room (I shared a double bed)...it is so fun and funny because people in our group are crazy.

The people in Malaysia drive very crazy and one of our drivers sped up towards pedestrians and other cars -well a lot of them did.  This morning we got on our bus which was freeezing and rode here but it took sooo long.  Erin and I almost got left at a bus station -our bus stopped there for about 30 minutes and the other two people who were with us were already on the bus (we didn't realize) and one ran and got us after the bus driver started pulling off.

Customs sucked and took forever (we were 100% sure our bus left us...but ended up still being there).  That's a short summary..I think the best way for me to send y'all pictures is over AIM (Rachel should know how to do it)-I'm using the screen name kkinasia so just im me if you're on and i'm on and I'll send you pics.

My computer still sucks!! I just tryed to call the Dell people...but the number routes me to some securities company in Brooklyn, NY.  It won't stay charged..and every 2 minutes the screen dims or dies and I have to reset the power source...I don't really understand.

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