Sunday, June 20, 2004


I got back from Bangkok earlier today (our flight LEFT Bangkok at 7:40am and got here around 11am - it's a one hour time difference between the two cities!).  Thursday was crazy, trying to figure out who was going to go on our trip...Kim went to Australia the weekend before and one of her ears hadn't popped yet so she was afraid to fly and confused at what all of the doctors were telling her...Erin got a HUGE fever last week-Tuesday I think? and we took her to the Emergency room that night, but her fever kept coming back and she was so sick-and still is pretty sick).  So neither of those two girls came.  So it was me and Kristin and 4 of the guys. 

We got to Bangkok Thursday around 10ish (we were supposed to get there earlier but once again the airspace in Singapore was closed because of the military or something) and met with the guys  (who had an earlier flight) at our hotel-Bangkok Palace and we tryed to go out, but our cab driver took us to some stupid place so we just went to sleep.  The cab drivers will get free gas if they take their passengers to certain places and make the price cheaper (you have to bargain the cab or tut-tuts- tut tuts are sooo fun..and scary because you think you'll hit a pothole and fly out).

Friday morning we ended up splitting up (by accident...we never found the other half of our 6 person group) and went to the Grand Palace, Wat Po, and I think Wat Phra Kaew and then went to eat on Khao San Rd.  It poured twice during the day and again on Saturday...but actually it made things cooler until the sun came out and was so hot.

Friday night we hung out on Khao San Rd for a while.  I was trying to meet one of my friends Lizzy (from a Landmark trip) but her cell phone wouldn't work (she has a Thai phone) so I kept trying to email her to find her.

Saturday Kristin and I went to Wat Trimitr which is a solid gold buddha (I think 5.5 tons???), and then to the Wat Benchamabophit which is a Marble temple.  We also went back to Khao San Rd and shopping A  LOT (we bought a lot of clothes) and then I randomly ran into Lizzy on the street which was awesome!! (I knew she was staying in a hotel on the street but we randomly saw her).

Kristin and I went to eat dinner and watch some Thai dancers at this amazing hotel called Shangri-La then met up with Lizzy for a little while then went to sleep!!

We had to meet our ride to the airport at 5am (and of course he didn't show up until after 5:30!!).

There's a quick summary...I just put up some pictures on a website that one of my friend uses too..(and I think Matt too-Couzens) so you can take them from there and put them on my website (Dad-if you want).

I should be reading for my history class now because we have our final papers due Thursday (two 5-page papers) and then Friday at midnight we go to Beijing...China should be fun....and hard since I don't know ANY

Have fun and keep updating me..!! Oh and Happy fathers day!!









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