Monday, June 14, 2004

So I'm back from Bali

... got back yesterday around 5:30pm or so ... it was soooo nice!! I got to cross over the equator and swim in the INDIAN ocean!!

It took a LOT of effort to get there (actually Erin figured it ALL out which is great and I'm very glad she did!) ... I didn't have a ticket unless a couple hours before we left (I could get there, just not back and we kept calling and going to the travel agency to see if they could find me one - like they promised - and ended up coming to school packing up and hoping that it worked out! -and it did which is awesome).

Our first hotel was very nice and very cute ...Grand Istana Rama (Joe, Erin, and I stayed in it) and the next day we met up with two of our other friends and stayed at the Bali Dynasty ... which was also nice but more touristy.

Everyone on Bali is Australian and a surfer..surfers EVERYwhere. The ocean was very nice and the waves were very big (scary at first ... until you got in them and then it was sooo fun - I "body surfed" and had so much fun.

At night we were to some bar type place which happened to be very close (a couple blocks or so) to where the bombings were a few years ago ... that was scary at first ... until we realized that nothing bad would happen. Everyone in the place was Australian and surfers which is so weird to me ... but fun ... but they played bad bad music (from Dancing queen to Grease to other music like that).

Saturday night we went out to eat at this restaurant on the ocean (our taxi driver got us to go there). Our tables and chairs were in the sand and we were next to the water and watched the sunset which was so pretty and ate seafood (crab, fish, squid, prawns). The airport is right on the water, and it's so cool because you can see the planes landing from anywhere on the beach (when we were landing at night Erin and I were confused because it looked like we were going to land in the water).

Everyone where we were tryed to sell us EVERYThing...they come up to you and follow you and are very persistent ... and it's annoying but then you get used to ignoring them and just walking away. I learned how to bargain even though I know I still got ripped off ($10000 their money is a little over $1 US so it's very confusing!).

Our first history class was today..and it shouldn't be too bad. I have to go running and then to eat so I'll talk to y'all later!!


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