Thursday, June 10, 2004


After a very very long day of trying to figure out if I'm actually going to go to Bali or not....I'M IN THE AIRPORT YAY!!!  Yesterday we went to the travel agent we've been using and they said we only had 2 people confirmed and one not (the one not was me)...then they said that the flight back with Joe and Erin was full...blahblah...so we called and called and went back today at 1ish and then didn't know STILL, so we went back at 3:30pm and left around
4:10pm....ended up that I got the flight back with them!!

(I was going to have to leave early Sunday morning-640am and have a layover in Jakarta...but I'm not anymore). 
My flight info is: Garuda Indonesia- GA841 10Jun 17:55pm  coming back it leaves GA840 Bali 13 June 14:55pm

The airport is Denpasar Bali and tonight Erin, Joe and I are staying in the Grand Istana Rama, and Friday and Saturday night we're staying in Bali Dynasty hotel (with two more people-Kristin and Dave).  I really don't know ANYTHING about Bali (except that it's an hour difference-not sure which way-I think later)..and that's about all.  I wish I could have figured out more!!

We had our final today (so I'm done with IE 3104!!-unless I fail of course..haha) so finally that is DONE.  We have to read over 100 pages for our History class that starts on Monday.

Next weekend we're going to Bangkok and I'm excited about that too.  I'm just really GLAD that this worked out
(Erin figured it ALL out for me-she's my travel agent) and that I'm finally going!!-because it was up in the air until 1.5 hours ago.

Ok I have 5:20 minutes left on this machine and it's SOOOO slow so I'm going to push send...send this to Rachel
because I don't remember her email off the top of my head (also can send it to Brooke)-it's weird to be on a computer with a mouse.  I need to figure out how to get a charger..hopefully I can figure it out Sunday or
Monday when i get back.

Ok that's all for now..have fun!!  I'll be at the beach FINALLY!!!

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