Thursday, May 27, 2004

Here's what I started writing the other day:

I got here yesterday (Monday) at 6am!!  Which is really y'alls Sunday at 6pm.   We stayed up all day which was very very hard!!  We came back here and unpacked a little (I didn't because my air conditioning wasn't working and I didn't want to unpack in case it never worked) but I took a COLD shower which was GREAT and then we went to orientation at 11:45am until 5ish.  We registered (I have a Singapore email too) and then we had a tour of campus (campus is really big and confusing and I keep getting lost).  Then our guy who showed us around (a guy who will be in our classes) showed us how to get to Clementi and then we just went to Orchard Rd. (we backtracked) and we walked around a little.  Probably not the best thing to do since we were sooo HUNGRY and had no idea where we were we were going.

OK now it's Wednesday...today we had our first class from 8am-12pm...soooo long and boring!!  Afterwards we went to Lavender to Immigration to get our student's pass (so we can travel around-I think it's kind of like a visa).  It's like the DMV-but it actually didn't take as long (we still have to go back tomorrow though and pick it up!!-we had to give them all of these forms and our passports).  We actually tryed to go yesterday (after I got my computer to work on the internet we went to Lavender) but we got in line and got a # but then left because we were ALL sooo hungry and we walked a while and went to some small food court (lavender food court) and I had something with duck in it.  The first day I was not looking forward to only eating asian food but now I like it a lot and look forward to it.  Yesterday we also went to Chinatown and walked around..but we were all really tired too.

After we did our immigration stuff we went to the City Hall stop (you can probably look at all of these places on some subway map!-MRT is what it's called) and went through some mall area and walked around by the Singapore river and took some pictures.  Some of us left because we were going to play soccer and go swimming at 5:45 but then it rained and thundered and we didn't go.  Now we're going to some club I think...but everywhere we go we travel in these HUGE packs of like 10 people so it's soo obvious that we aren't from here (or have any idea where we're going).  We've gotten lost soo many times and keep getting off at weird train stations and bus stations.  It helps though that everyone speaks english (not that you can always understand it though) and that everything seems safe and relatively easy.

OK now it's Thursday.  I just got back from getting our student pass (FINALLY) and I finally got one of my books for my class).  We didn't really get lost today...which is surprising!!  Anyway I'm not sure that this email makes too much sense because it's bits and pieces from different days.  This weekend I think most of us are going to stay in Singapore (some are going to Malaysia already!!) this weekend and hang out and hopefully go to the beach!!  Sentosa Island is where we might go to the beach. 

We have our first test on Thursday and our final the following Thursday!! which is crazy!!  Class is soooo long and boring but at least we're ALL stuck in it and you can't skip class because it's like skipping a week of school (and on Monday we have 8 hours of class).  Anyway I'm going to go now..I hope this is a good enough update for now!!  Here's a couple of pictures I'm going to try and send you...people have better ones on their cameras (we're going to have soo many pictures by the end it will be great).  Have fun in Hilton Head and tell all them I said hey!


Which transit station?

Near our dorm....we take the bus to Buona Vista now (we used to only know how to get to Cleminti). But Buona Vista isn't too far from us (as long as we get on the RIGHT bus to get there). Tonight we went to Little India and went to an Indian restaurant which was REALLY good. Erin and I split some rice type thing (very spicy) and some fish with mango which was also very good but spicy as well. So our mouths were burning but it was still very good. Time to sleep (early tonight!!)

The pictures look good






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