Christmas 2003, Aerostar R.I.P. and the Dog House

Monday, January 05, 2004

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(Matt put some pictures on the web too. Here are John's pictures on Yahoo.)

Getting second wind

The shirt

The puzzle

Still life with cheese straws

After 651 miles


At the Dog House in High Point and some High Point sites on the way home, 12-27-03

On Main Street at Westwood

George Holbrook and his sons sat on one side

Howard and Elaine Bradner sat on the other side.

The World's Largest Bureau is around the corner

532 Gatewood

1323 Robin Hood Road

Grandmother Kearns' condo

High Point Central High School

Grandmother and Grandfather Kearns' grave site

We blew the engine on our '94 Aerostar in Anderson on the way to D.C. on 12-23-03

It's bad

It wasn't perfect, but we loved it

Can't we just buy a new car while we're at Fairway Ford in Anderson?

The grim wait on the verdict and a rental car

We recommend Lil' Joe's if you need a tow in Anderson.

On the road again passing the Big Peach in Gaffney, SC

The 15 passenger rental from Enterprise in Seneca, SC that saved the holidays

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